Android is now a serious contender in the business market says leading data storage developer.

One of the UK’s leading data storage software developers says Android has finally ‘come of age’ as a serious contender in the mobile Apps for business market.

The London based software company, Transputec has noticed a marked change in attitudes to the platform amongst its business customers and is warning business App companies not to view Android as a poor cousin to Apple’s platform any longer.

Transputec has entered the Android v iOS debate as it releases an upgrade to its powerful mobile document management solution – iShield – and launches its own Android version.

Although Android usage worldwide outstrips iOS in the consumer market it is Apple’s platform which leads the field in the business arena. But according to Mark Nightingale of Transputec this is changing – and changing rapidly.

“The two platforms have about the same number of Apps on offer but Apple is holding it ground when it comes to business apps. But the playing field is being levelled and software producers ignore Android at their peril,” he says.

“There was a time – not so long ago – when companies such as Transputec would opt to launch a mobile application or a web application and then Android was somewhere in stage two. This was fine, not because the Android platform was inferior but because our business customers tended to default to Apple. Now there is a ‘sea change’. Android is making real inroads into the business market and business consumers are becoming platform neutral.”

Nightingale’s words are based on a large amount or feedback Transputec has gathered in the past year. The company has been repositioning itself to ensure it provides the best service possible to customers.

“One thing they want is to have a choice of platforms for mobile solutions and they no longer see Android as the games based, consumer driven solution.” says Nightingale.

iShield is the mobile App version of Intelefile which allows companies of all sizes to manage the complex ‘paper trail’ left by vital documents.

“Although we live in the digital age many companies are still inundated with paper documents which they need to process in order to run their business effectively,” says Nightingale.

Intelefile allows you to scan, store and retrieve vast numbers of documents in a protected cloud environment. The material is uploaded to Transputec’s data centre and converted into manageable digital files. The system can allow thousands of documents to be turned around in a matter of hours.

Now a new App – which was originally developed for the airline cargo industry – has been created to help businesses of all sizes manage their paperwork securely on a smart phone, computer or the web.

“We originally developed a product called Shield Intelefile as a bespoke solution for Swissport – one of the market leaders in the global air freight business,” says Nightingale.

“Swissport needs to handle thousands of paper documents everyday – often in different languages and different sizes – in order to run its business successfully. They came to us to develop a system to make this ‘paper-chase’ as mobile as possible without compromising – in fact, enhancing – security measures

Intelefile has a number of other key features which maintain the integrity of documents. It blocks any deletion or editing of files, maintains a rigorous audit trail and uses a multi-layered security model to ensure the documents are protected against unauthorised access. loss and disaster.

“There is also a growing need for businesses to demonstrate they are meeting compliance standards when data is being stored. Intelefile enables its users to meet those governance, and risk conditions and show they are doing so,” says Nightingale.

Transputec, is a market leader in data storage and disaster recovery solutions. it works with businesses from a wide range of industries including retail, financial services, media and government. Its customers include, Camelot Lotteries, Endemol, Saville’s, Incisive Media, McDonalds franchisee, Nando’s, JP Boden, Westpac, Bam Construction and Novartis.

For more information or a demonstration of the INTELEFILE product and the iShield App on Android or iOS please contact us.

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