Simple, secure document sharing from anywhere

SHIELD Intelefile is a cloud (SaaS) based freight/logistics document management service which is simple to deploy and easy to use. It can be accessed by any PC, Tablet and now iOS & Android smartphones from anywhere in the world.


Save costs on compliance
and customer queries

SHIELDIntelefile has been in constant development in collaboration with airfreight industry experts including, airlines, shippers, freight forwarders, customs authorities, and ground handlers since 2002. The latest version of our cloud document management solution has been rolled out throughout Europe in the last 12 months.

SHIELDIntelefile saves you photocopying costs, postage costs, incoming call costs, flight query time costs, storage costs to meet compliancy obligations, and reduces filing to allow you to save valuable office space. It also reduces penalty charges, and insurance claims because you can always find your documents.

Controlled and improved document distribution

Share freight / logistics documents electronically with colleagues and clients over a network, by email or via the Web in a controlled manner. We provide a cost saving by reducing the overheads associated with paper based document distribution, such as printing and postage and removes the typical delay associated with providing hard copy information.


Documents can be shared with airlines, shippers, freight forwarders, customs authorities, and ground handlers with complete control and security.

Easy to deploy

We have made SHIELDIntelefile fast and easy to install, with a 7 day rollout target from receiving your order. The user interfaces have been specifically designed to allow you to benefit from the system straight away. And unlike other document management solutions, there is no requirement to change existing processes or procedures immediately. You can continue with your existing procedures until you decide they are no longer needed - making it even easier to get started.

Functional details

Freight & Logistics operations generate and manage large volumes of documentation including Airway Bill, invoices, Proof of Delivery documents, Release Notes, Manifest etc. Managing these documents electronically in an effective and centralised way, is crucial to running a large, geographically distributed operation.

With powerful archiving and imaging features, SHIELDIntelefile provides instant and simultaneous access to documents for authorised staff across the whole logistics organisation.


Data is security protected to allow access only to authorised individual level. Scanned documents are accepted as legally equivalent to originals in most jurisdictions.

We needed a solution that could deliver optimum retrieval performance – the ability to access a unique document without any margin for error. We are very pleased with the result.
— Tony LodderIT Systems Manager, Swissport Cargo Services