Training, Knowledge Dissemination and Assessment

GDPR cyber awareness training made easy

To comply with the new GDPR, businesses are required to ensure their staff are aware of their role in protecting privacy which is enshrined in law.

Our “Acadmi” App can provide GDPR e-Learning courses which provide help for organisations that need to make significant strides towards compliance in an easily accessible, online format. We can offer you a number of courses to educate your staff on a variety of GDPR related topics including:

  • Cyber awareness training
  • Clean PC
  • Clean desk
  • Browser control
Acadmi App

What is "Acadmi"?

“Acadmi” is a Training, knowledge dissemination and assessment cloud platform, which you can use to deliver engaging, interactive mobile content and all for no upfront cost.

You can also use “Acadmi App” to create, host and distribute your own eLearning courses thus disseminating knowledge efficiently throughout your enterprise and supply chain partners.

“Acadmi” is a Mobile Training App optimising the delivery of learning to employees, on-the-move and on-demand. Use Acadmi’s Platform to build your own interactive content or tap into our diverse library of courses available.

Training Created

Set up your secure, branded Mobile App within moments to create and deliver training content seamlessly to your employees. Either effortlessly build dynamic courses that your users will be able to access on-the-go and across multiple devices or allow them to tap into Acadmi’s Library of Corporate Courses. All with absolutely no technical complications!

  • Simple, easy-to-use course building tools
  • Automated messaging to build engagement
  • Tailored content recommendations for employees

Training Delivered

Build or access library content for your employees that is interactive, social, bite-sized, engaging and set within a fun, “gamified” environment. Deliver specific training for different cohorts of employees and then let the App take over – recommending content pathways to each individual member, based upon their skills requirements, in-app performance and time availability.

  • Video, articles, podcasts and exportable PDFs
  • Peer-to-peer assignments and interactive exercises
  • Automated course reminders and deadline alerts

Training Measured

Receive real-time analytics on your dashboard and monthly reports measuring an employee’s skills, engagement, performance and application of knowledge at work. Stats, such as course completion rates, time spent in-app, most popular lessons, and assignment scores will all provide you with a deep insight into your training delivery

  • Personalised Employee Analytics Dashboard
  • Tailored Corporate Analytics Dashboard
  • Data-driven Corporate / Employee recommendation
Acadmi App
Acadmi App
Acadmi App