The Challenge Networks Face Today

  • Every year, networks become more and more complex and challenging to monitor, and at the same time, the number of cyber attacks continues to increase rapidly.
  • It is no longer sufficient to identify and mitigate single network vulnerabilities as attackers are likely to trawl through a number of machines and sites, and perform integrated attacks.
  • Despite sophisticated firewalls and anti-virus systems installed by organizations, hackers continue to find vulnerabilities and break into their networks. Even the best cyber defence application will not suffice on providing a total cyber protection
  • Virtual penetration testing is the only proven method to accurately check an organization’s security defence perimeter. But, in order to work effectively, PT needs to be done 24/7, which, when done manually, is very costly and also places a heavy load on company cyberspace.
  • As a result, annual cyber security budgets continue to increase but companies still don’t know if they are sufficiently protected.
Protect Information

How Does Cybot Work?

The Cybot Product Suite comprises of two solutions – unique, patented predictive attack path scenraios: CyBot Pro and CyBot Enterprise. Both packages provide organisations with the technical and security business intelligence data necessary to:

  • Evaluate resilience to cyber threats
  • Mitigate sophisticated cyber attacks
  • Accurately invest in the best cyber security strategy
Cybot Pro
  • Imitates human hacker behaviuor and performs 24/7 penetration testing.
  • Scans all IP-based components – infrastructure, applications, and databases - as part of an automated penetration testing
  • Exposes vulnerabilities and complex attack path scenarios in real-time.
  • Uses patented silent and fast scanning technology that does not disrupt critical systems and IoT.
  • Analyzes the data and provides a dynamic risk map to mitigate the threat of cyber attacks.
Cybot Enterprise
  • Centralized cyber security management solution designed for enterprises.
  • Bridges geographical, language, and cultural gaps inherent to global organizations.
  • Creates complex global attack path scenarios involving multiple sites and subnets.
  • Unified dashboard with comprehensive global risk map depicting all environments.
  • Ability to zoom in and out to control data resolution based on specific needs.

Not sure which plan is for you? The evaluation of your current network security state will reveal that information. Please sign up for our free penetration test at the form below, and find out!

Penetration Testing Benefits

  • Simple Installation in your environment, it takes less than 10mins to set up.
  • Provides visual attack paths views of your network.
  • Shows you how to fix the issues discovered.
  • Continuously runs so new devices and changes are detected.
  • Can give you a detailed global view of all data centres, including networks on multiple locations.