GDPR Solutions

External & Internal Threat Protection

GDPR defines strict guidelines for the collection, storage, and processing of personally identifiable information (PII). If your public-facing digital assets collect PII, they are in scope for GDPR solutions. All businesses can mitigate the GDPR risks by protecting themselves from external and internal security breaches. The consequences of breaching the Regulation are game changing. The maximum financial penalty for non-compliance will be 4% of annual revenue or €20 million, whichever is higher.

GDPR Solutions

The tools for mitigating potential INTERNAL threats

More companies are taking notice of the risks that insiders can pose to the company’s data security today than in the past. Historically, the data breaches that make the news are typically carried out by outsiders, and these outsider threats have been addressed with traditional security measures.

It is the threats that originate from inside the organisation that are much more difficult to prevent and detect, all the more so because insiders don’t always threaten the company’s data security or integrity intentionally.

Document Management

Intelefile is the complete GDPR solution to your paper and digital document and data storage needs.

Cyber Security as a Service

ThreatSpike allows you to monitor your network and mitigate the threat of an insider data breach.

Business Continuity

Crises Control helps you to manage a data breach incident and comply with notification requirements.

GDPR Awareness Training

The Transputec Acadmi allows you to train and accredit your employees to meet GDPR requirements.

The tools for mitigating potential EXTERNAL threats

angle they can play to get their victims to enter their information, they’ll use. Understanding the latest attack techniques and threat actor tendencies helps us position our clients to stay one step ahead of phishing threats targeting their organizations. Our range of GDPR Solutions provides leading-edge protection against external cyber threats.

Network Pen Testing

Cybot is a next generation penetration test tool designed to reveal network vulnerabilities and show attack path scenarios.