Discover what GDPR really means for Your organisation?

11th December, 2017

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About the event and highlights of the day

Many organisations are still unclear as to how they will meet the requirements of the EU GDPR legislation which will come into effect in May 2018. GDPR is complex and far-reaching legislation, non-compliance to GDPR can incur hefty fines from EU regulators, and also open to civil suits from EU citizens.

Companies should not have to become experts in assessing the priority, relationships, validity, or data quality of threat intelligence. Instead, their focus should be on understanding their own threat reality, and taking action that will lead to improved threat detection, prevention and response. Threat intelligence can pose a challenge to organisations, most notably when it comes to effectively gaining and combining insights from multiple sources.

In Transputec we took on the initiative and decided to create a number of "brain storm sessions" targeting areas that should be of a concern to every business from the compliance point of view. Amongst the higher tier of our management we have 4 certified GDPR practitioners and 1 legal adviser. Transputec HO has been in the Wembley area for over 30 years now and with this in mind we felt the responsibility and the need to give back to the business community by sharing our knowledge and experience with local organisations.


1. GDPR - What Does It Mean
2. Legal Implications
3. How to Protect Yourself

Highlights from the day

  • Hearing from GDPR Practitioner as well as law professionals on how to prepare for the this new regulation
  • Sonny Sehgal, CEO of Transputec business recommendations on key actions regarding "Data Security"
  • Practical discussion on the proactive protection of your network with innovative technology
  • Open question and answer sessions