Boost productivity with 24x7 End User Support

Our Managed Help Desk Service addresses the frustration that users feel when they need technical support but this is limited by available resources. With remote help desk services, you outsource to us the part of your business you really don't need in-house. Our operatives have quick response times and excellent incident solving expertise. They are trained to adapt to your working style and the nature of the problems you experience the most as a business.

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Your customers' experience with help desk

  • Are your internal and external customers frustrated by the inconsistent service they receive from your help desk?
  • Are helpdesk tickets slipping through the net due to a lack of resource, with the result that customers’ issues are left unresolved and their productivity or user experience is negatively impacted?
  • Are you left frustrated by the high cost of providing a 24/7 help desk service that is frequently left under-utilised and burning money?

If you are answering yes to most of these questions, then you could use our Managed Help Desk Service.

Our 24/7 Managed Help Desk Service

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Our 24x7 Support Desk provides:

  • Consistent 24/7 help desk support that either replaces your service entirely, or else fills in the gaps that you cannot cover yourself.
  • A fully outsourced, or hybrid model that either supplements your own in-house team or replaces it.
  • A consistent level of support that maximises employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Pays for helpdesk support only when you need it and not when you don’t, maximising the utility of your budget.
  • High response rates that meet your KPIs and outstanding incident solving expertise.
  • Remote operatives that will are trained to adapt to your working style and the nature of the problems you experience the most.
  • Expert teams capable of remotely connecting to users' devices to resolve their issues there and then.
  • Creation of network accounts, granting access to shared directories, creating email accounts, shared mailboxes and distribution lists; supporting printers, monitors and all of the other peripherals that users need.
  • Additional support if your user issues are hardware related and require an onsite visit.

Not only have our service levels improved, but I feel confident that I can rely on our Partner to deliver and be there when we need them at any time!
— Enzo SimoniRegional Director, Informa