What is Crises Control?

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Crises Control is a mass communication easy-to-use and customizable crisis response App that delivers business continuity management (BCM) plans rapidly across a variety of devices and fits any organisation's budget without compromising quality.

It helps business continuity professionals to be prepared for any business disruption when it happens. It is a secure way of sending the right information to the right people in a crisis situation and tracking who is engaged. It makes business disaster simulation exercises easy and simple to execute and builds a responsive team that is always prepared.


Launch Incidents Quickly

Crises Control lets you quickly launch and manage incident processes, alerting the Business Continuity Management team without depending on your IT infrastructure or other resources.

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Instant Notifications

Reach your Business Continuity Management Team (BCM)through push notifications, emails, SMS, phone calls or any combination. This will ensure rapid notifications and acknowledgement of critical incidents.

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Reports & Audit Data

Crises Control provides auditable log-tracking, sent to a central server for post-crisis review and compliance reporting. Powerful audit reports continuously refine your processes to deliver the best results.

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