Windows Server 2003 End of Support – Are you prepared?

With the end of support date of July 2015 rapidly approaching for Windows Server 2003 you may be thinking how is this going to impact my production servers, going forward Microsoft will not be providing any new patches or security updates for Windows Server 2003.

This means that any systems running 2003 server will become security and business risks, putting your applications and other servers within the network at risk and presenting a compliance headache.

There are still in the region of 10 million machines still running Windows Server 2003, is your company one of them? If so the time is now to start working on extracting the data and applications from these legacy servers and transferring the applications and data to newer machines.

No updates

Will be developed or released after the end of support.

No compliance

And lack of compliance with standards and regulations can be devastating.

No safe haven

Because virtualised and physical instances of Windows Server 2003 will be vulnerable.

Let Transputec’s professional services team help you to design and plan the new systems and help you painlessly migrate from these legacy devices to new cloud or dedicated hosting platforms within our datacentre running the latest operating systems from Microsoft.

Transputec have extensive experience working with migration of data and applications and with our in house development and DBA departments we can assist you with application testing and development and ensuring your existing applications and databases are ready and fit for the new servers.

Now is the time to act

wintime1 Discover and catalog software and workloads running on Windows Server 2003/R2.
wintime2 Assess your inventory. Categorise and analyse the applications and workloads you cataloged based on factors that will help you make informed choices about priorities and urgency.
wintime3 Target the right migration destination for each application and workload. Take the opportunity to learn how you can transform your datacentre with the robust capabilities and services offered in Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office 365. Different workloads and applications logically lead to certain targets. Others could offer the possibility of migration to one or more of these destinations. Your choice will be driven by factors such as speed, ease of migration, cost, and desired functionality.
wintime4 Migrate. Make a plan and begin to migrate. As experienced Microsoft Gold Partner, Transputec will help you to explore migration options and how you can get support—and transform your datacentre more efficiently and with minimal disruption.

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