Two Transputec employees receive a mystery dinner as a reward

Transputec Limited, has around 100 employees. The company looks after their satisfaction with a good working environment and good work ethic. In January there was a new scheme introduced called Rewards and Recognition.. There are 3 champions managing this. One of them Hiten Jetha, he explains that “Reward and Recognition Scheme encourages and motivates people towards positive behaviour. The Champions role is to encourage people to complete the survey within a time frame. It ensures that team members are recognised for their hard work and participation in the company. This leads to gaining points and claiming prizes. I enjoy being a champion and feel great that I was selected anonymously for this role by my works colleagues.”

Every month, a survey is sent to all employees in order to express their anonymous opinion about the performance of their colleagues. Every chosen person who did well in each category, such as service, leadership, commitment, project delivery and others, gets a certain amount of points. This enables the rewards and recognition team to find the employee of the month, as well as rewards for all employees quarterly.

According to the points system, they receive various prizes. The best employees of the second quarter were Dermot MacCabe and Tej Thandi, who were selected for a mystery dinner night out. With the mystery prize dinner you can also have a plus one.

Dermot and Tej were handed an envelope with the contact details of the above restaurants inside, and together with their partners had no idea of what the reward was going to be.

The mystery dinner for Dermot took place in a restaurant named Paolo’s In Park Royal. Since Dermott is a Football mutant and world cup had just started, he booked a reservation on a Saturday night, which was the 14th of July. Dermot along with his wife were warmly welcomed. For their meal they started with Sardines and Prawn. The main meal consisted of Chicken with sides of vegetables and French fries. They could also choose the dessert of the day. At the end of the night Dermot expressed his feelings by saying “The food was beautiful, it had a friendly atmosphere, really good service, and overall was a really good night out.”

On the other hand, Tej along with her boyfriend was sent to a Turkish restaurant named Saratros located in Drury Lane. She thought that she was going to get a voucher for a fast food restaurant such as KFC.  Tej was pleasantly surprised with the reward that she received. She said “I would have never known about this restaurant if it wasn’t for the Rewards and Recognition Scheme”. Tej also gave her view about the restaurant. ”The Restaurant was amazing, the staff were very friendly. They had live entertainment by Grace Rodson – Latin rhythms. The music and atmosphere was great. We had good seating – close enough to the music and dance floor. The waiter was very polite and ensured our plates were cleared away as soon as we had finished ready for the next part of our meal.” They both chose their meal from the set menu. The meal started with Hors D’oeuvres, which consists of various different dips including Hummus. The mains consisted of Lamb Anatolian or Sea Bass Fillet. Finally for the dessert they had had dark chocolate mousse served with white chocolate ice cream and fruit. Tej did enjoy the food, but unfortunately her other half had a sesame allergy where the bread provided had sesame seeds. Also the main course had traces of sesame oil, which wasn’t suitable so they could not finish their meal. Even though Tej ended up having an unsuccessful evening, due to her other half’s allergies. She would recommend it to others providing you do not have a sesame allergy.

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