Transputec at HP Global Partner Conference 2014

In March 2014, Transputec attended the annual HP Global Partner Conference 2014 (GPC) in Las Vegas.

This conference is a good opportunity to understand HP’s focus in their new fiscal year. It is also an opportunity to learn about what technologies are driving industry consumer behaviour. Rickie Sehgal, Chairman of Transputec Ltd said “HP Partner conference is one of the most important conferences for Transputec and its people. We have had a 20 year relationship with HP and as one of their highest accredited and valued resellers we see the conference as an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas with HP and other partners.”

Transputec has built a connection of partners all around the world to offer a global reach to its customers, who are looking for a single organisation to work with that is well connected and can offer a global service. The conference is a great place to meet and establish partnerships with other reputable and success organisations world-wide. In new technology pilot projects the improve efficiency provides better value to customer through improved service levels.

Outlining Transputec’s unique position in the software industry, Mr Sehgal explained that “Transputec is different for most other resellers in that we have a mature software development division which is normally only found in much larger organisations”.

Meeting individuals from HP Software, HP Autonomy and HP Financial Services brought to Transputec’s attention valuable information about the newest development at HP. One of the objectives was also to understand how to pursue a Big Data strategy and make Big Data friendly Data. There are some projects in stealth mode that will do precisely that.

Transputec sought to expand their network at the conference. Shalen Sehgal said “Next years new projects will help grow the business’ top line and bottom line figures. As a Gold Partner, HP Financial Services offers us a varied range of attractive financial options to manage their payment structures. Offering these to customers continues allows us to strenghthen the already mutually beneficial relationships we have.”

The conference met all expectations. Rickie Sehgal highlights: “We have signed a deal with HP to become an Autonomy partner. This will expand the products and services that we can offer to our customers and drive growth in the business across our traditional hardware business and business solutions.”

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