ThinkApprentice: Harrow Councils guide to shaping a young employee featuring Transputec

ThinkApprentice: Harrow Council's guide to shaping a young employee featuring Transputec

Apprenticeships at Transputec are a valuable asset for gaining experience into the IT industry as well as helping an employee develop their professional and personal competences. Working closely with local training providers, information technology and solutions company, Transputec are committed to supporting apprentices across a range of business areas.

An apprenticeship is a job that is completed alongside training. It allows people to earn while they learn and receive a recognised qualification that underlines their future career by giving it a steady start. We are happy to be working with several educational providers on the apprentice scheme, to encourage a future career path into IT. This year alone we have had 3 apprentices come and work with us, all taking on different roles in the company. For us, it was important to make the interns feel they were part of our team from the start. This motivated them to naturally blend in and quickly gain relevant new experience.

Harrow Council has committed to supporting the creation of 500 jobs and apprenticeships for young people during the next four years (2014/15 – 2017/18). Transputec would certainly recommend that other companies hire apprentices. Rickie Sehgal, Chairman added “We’ve found that this is a great way to develop raw talent, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to assist with our future business growth.”

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