The rising of cloud security concerns

The rising of cloud security concerns

Cloud Security is a rising issue in the world of cloud computing at this time. In the recent months, many cloud computing service providers have experienced various incidences of breaches and hacks into their cloud platforms, leaving client’s private information and data insecure and prone to theft.

Data Encryption (Transport Layer Security)

Data is the most important part of any organisation. In the case of any breach in the organisation’s data, the company can suffer great loss from the theft of vital information to as much as crippling of the entire organisation.

The key to ensure data security is the ability to move sensitive information within a cloud platform while ensuring the sensitivity of the information is preserved. The best way to achieve “Transport Layer Security” this is through offering data encryption services. As the data encryption has to be done prior to the information being sent to the cloud platform. This is done upon creation of the data. Through data encryption cloud service providers will ensure that all the data within the cloud is comprehensively protected and all risks to potential exposures is mitigated. Data encryption can be realized through encryption with SSL, Transport Layer Security. This ensures that all the information that is shared between the client and the server is encrypted, offering industry standard protection for all clientele data as it moves to and from the cloud service providers’ servers.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)/Private Cloud

Most of the high-end cloud service providers employ the use of virtual cloud services through business VPNs. Through using the private cloud solution, certain companies can realise potential business growth areas while enhancing clientele data security through private and tailored services suited for a given client. This also allows for the clients and the enterprise at large to realise seamless cloud experience that guarantees optimum service levels and reduce proneness to breaches.

Server-Side Policies

Some Cloud computing service providers have the potential and ability to employ policies which will restrict server access to authorised personnel. The individuals from the cloud computing service providers who will have access to the cloud servers will be limited in number. Furthermore, the individuals with permitted access will be bound by confidentiality agreements, which clearly mean that they will be subject to discipline, including and not limited to termination and criminal prosecution, should they breach the confidentiality agreement?

All individuals who have the access to Cloud servers will be required to use a two-factor authentication process at any time that they are required to access the cloud system. This will ensure that at any point another party can obtain an engineer’s access password, they still would not be able to access the system.

Furthermore, there is the potential and the possibility of instituting server-side encryption which will also ensure that security is also maintained form the server’s side to avoid breach from the company’s operational base.

Recently, through implementing the data encryption, private cloud services and server-side policies, some cloud service providers can now enhance the security of its servers from both ends of the clouds platform, i.e. the client-side and the server-side.

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