Remote wipe an iPhone

How do I remote wipe an iPhone? These days there are so many mobile devices entering the market and this is only increasing. Everyone seems to have an iPhone. Recently I was at a seminar and of the 35 people near me, I would say 90% of them had iphones and they were all being used for business. Everyone had at least their business email on the phone but I noticed some using other interesting business applications. The challenge in a corporate environment is how can you remote wipe an iPhone if you loose it and limit the security risk? Well using Mobile ME is fine, but this is not scaleable when you have many devices to manage. I’ve researched many cloud based Mobile device management tools and found a great cloud tool that allows me to manage a large estate of mobile technology easily. It’s definitely worth a look at the following link. You can register for a free trial and really get a handle on how to manage these incredible devices.

The trial is free for a period of time and allows you to see how you can control these incredible devices and help manage the increasing demand for consumer devices in business.

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