Microsoft Modern Workplace: Powerful Partnerships to Enable Your Hybrid Workplace

Migrate to a Microsoft Modern Workplace to Enable Your Hybrid Workplace

Adopting a modern workplace environment is increasingly important as businesses and their employees realise the benefits of agile and unified IT systems. Although this need has accelerated due to the shift to remote work, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have been working in partnership with Microsoft for over 20 years to support clients on their journey with Microsoft services and solutions. 

Why Migrate to the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Here’s why we think Microsoft solutions deliver and why a modern workplace is no longer a nice to have but vital for the future hybrid workspace.

User Experience: A modern workplace solution will not only improve your employee’s productivity but importantly their workplace experience and satisfaction. Access to easy-to-use digital tools encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration. Users can access and share information across locations and platforms – wherever they are working.

Collaboration: Microsoft offers an excellent range of cloud-based collaboration tools including Teams, SharePoint, and One Drive for Business.  All tools are user friendly and allow teams to collaborate in real-time seamlessly switching between video calling, instant messaging, and file sharing, individually or across a team – all within a single window.

Flexibility: The Microsoft modern workplace operates using a suite of Microsoft 365 technologies and applications utilising the capacity of the Cloud. This makes them easy to manage and administer and as the solutions are modular, they can be tailored to what your businesses needs today but have the scope to scale up when necessary.

Security: As well as leveraging the latest in MS technology, you can maximise Microsoft’s full stack security model. From end-device protection (EDR) via Microsoft Defender to the comprehensive Azure Sentinel platform – described as a bird’s eye view across your enterprise, Microsoft’s sophisticated security services are second to none.

Scalable Cost: By integrating Microsoft systems we can offer our clients flexible licensing and subscriptions. So, as your business grows and your workforce increases, you can expand your IT services and solutions. In short, you can pay for what you need rather than investing up front in complex IT infrastructures.

Digital Transformation with Microsoft in 4 Months

We recently migrated a client across to Microsoft modern workplace solutions and undertook a rapid digital transformation journey with them. In less than four months, we moved them from an on premise set up to a full modern workplace solution which has not only transformed their day-to-day productivity but also increased their agility in adopting further digital services.

Additional benefits have included the rapid deployment of secure and managed EUC(MDM), MAM, and underpinning it all, a coherent and consistent security and identity architecture across SaaS, public cloud and on-premise services.

Migrating to Microsoft IT Solutions

Forward-looking companies know that their work environments should not only increase productivity but empower their employees. Ensuring employees have the right tools and environment to do their jobs is business critical.

Our Microsoft specialists are highly experienced in integrating all Microsoft technologies for organisations of all sizes. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have access to the latest technologies and have tried and tested expertise in rolling out MS solutions that will accelerate digital transformation and future proof your workplace.

Get in touch to find out how we can work with you to build a tailored modern workplace for your business.

Stuart Salt
Services Director

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