IT Apprenticeship: Turning Aspiration into Action

IT Apprenticeship: Turning Aspiration into Action

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From a young age Celdon Silveria knew he wanted to work in IT, but seeing his friends struggle to find employment after finishing lengthy degrees he knew there had to be a better way.

Not wanting to suffer the same fate of forking out thousands to be left without a career, the 19-year-old sought out more information about Apprenticeships.

Celdon came to Just IT seven months ago with aspirations of landing a Networking and Support job.

A fresh start

Celdon said “I’d been to college but knew it was time to get some practical experience.

“I was nervous about going out to interviews but Just IT’s pre-employment sessions taught me how to make a good impression on employers.

“Nerves got the better of me with my first interview but Just IT soon lined up a second with Transputec who decided to take me on! I was so happy when I was offered the Configuration Engineer job, my friends and family even threw a party to celebrate.”

As someone who would frequently take apart computers and mess around with new tech, a job in IT is a dream come true. “The best part of my work is installing software and finding drivers. I love problem solving.” Transputec is an innovative IT services and solutions enterprise offering a diverse range of integrated business solutions and IT services. 

Celdon’s role is constantly evolving. “As I complete my training and become more confident with my skills, I gain more responsibility. I like everything about working at Transputec, but the best thing is the people. After I finish my Apprenticeship I want to stay on with the company, and after a few years I hope to pursue higher qualifications.”

Martin Mitchell, Celdon’s manager, thinks that having an Apprentice in the team is a win-win situation. He said “Apprentices like Celdon are a great asset to any company. They bring a new lease of life, along with new ideas.

“Once they have training under their belt, they start thinking about the direction they want to take their career. We’re happy that Celdon wants to progress here, and with Transputec being a full IT company, there are plenty of routes for him to move into.”

Apprenticeships Vs. University

Celdon hasn’t looked back since he started his Apprenticeship six months ago. He added: “I would always recommend an Apprenticeship over university, especially for the IT sector. The skills you need are constantly changing, and IT is a growing sector.

“In the past it was easy to get a job with a degree, but now you need real work experience first.”

“The bottom line is Apprenticeships give you experience, education and some money in your pocket.”

About Just IT

Since 2001, the Just IT Group has provided services that utilise our unique blend of recruitment and training solutions, enabling them to bring real value to IT teams and advance the careers of thousands of IT professionals. From humble beginnings as a training company operating in a Stratford basement, to a company of over 90 in a state of the art City of London office, strategic growth has placed Just IT into a market position with the resources to provide tech apprenticeship schemes, individual and corporate training programmes, as well as IT recruitment for roles from £18k to £120k.

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