ISKCON monks have no fear of technologies

ISKCON monks have no fear of technologies

Social responsibility should be a part of every company’s thinking. Transputec is not an exception. It supports a lot of charitable causes. One of them is also Bhaktivedanta Manor – the Hindu temple which was established in 1973. The estate was donated to ISKCON by George Harrison, the lead guitarist of the Beatles.

The monks living in this temple are engaging with technologies and have no fear of it. It is remarkable of how much that goes on in this place. The IT department of 3 people look after the wide IT equipment and all related stuff. Recently, they started a new thing related to the registration for festivals which makes the process more efficient since there are thousands of people attending these kind of events. Also, online surveys to get feedback and responses is used. Their plan is to relaunch their website, because they did it 10 years ago so reviewing and updating is needed.

Right now they are working on a meditation application, there are literally different levels you can go through – mind, sense, soul and heart. You can’t go to the next level until you finish the previous one. Gauri Das, the managing director of ISKCON, explains that “traditionally religious missions are knocking on doors. They all want to get into the house of people. With an app you can get closer to a person – you’re right in their pocket, your right there. Because of contemporary period people don’t want to join religions and they believe in their autonomies and as an individual. They’ll judge your thing based of life experience and not what it says in a books.”

Moreover, social media are not a strange matter in Bhaktivedanta Manor neither. There is a communication team which uses Twitter and Facebook for outgoing communication. Gauri Das said: “We have very good feedback from using Twitter because a lot of people are retweeting our festivals events and that way were spreading. We have a big Facebook following that we update on news and stuff that happens here.“

Nowadays, some people are worried about the influence of technologies on children. Gauri Das thinks that the problem is not in technologies, but the internet is a major worry. “I see that children are born almost with a mind and brain that responds, and engages with technology.” he said.

Gauri Das appreciates the partnership with a technology company like Transputec. It brings an opportunity for sharing ideas, knowledge and innovation. “When we always needed things, Transputec and Rickie Sehgal has always been there for us. Most recently when I gave him a call and specifically asked for things he was right there immediately. “ Gauri said.

Technology is an inherent part of developed world. Gaudi summarizes: “Do you even know your own mobile phone number? There is something in life being lost which I think is important. Technology can detriment the quality of our lives. Therefore the right solutions and a balanced engagement are most important.”

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