How to Improve Service Desk Performance, Step One: Ticketing

How to Improve Service Desk Performance, Step One: Ticketing

One of the challenges in delivering an excellent Customer service experience on the managed help desk service is how to improve the way the help desk handles the work loads and increase proactive communications with clients. IT field systems and software fail; we should all expect these failures. However, one of the biggest mistakes of IT support is the lack of clear and regular communication with their clients on the progress of the fault at hand.

With this in mind, the challenge is to motivate your managed service desk agents to a level where they can proactively provide excellent support to customers. A key component in this motivation stems from the use of the ticketing system. This system is a key mode of communication between the service desk agents and the analysts implementing strategies to improve customer service. But it also can provide an impetus for the agents to perform.

As a manager, you should use tickets as a method to incentivise your service desk agents. For example, the recorded tickets could be used to show milestones and allow the agents to obtain benefits. This will give the agents a tangible goal, possibly setting a friendly competition in the process. Badges and achievements as part of an internal reward system can make customer service agents more competitive and motivated in resolving customers’ problems. An example of a badge could be First Call Resolutions (FCRs) – this reward will effectively shorten the wait time for customers and lead to a higher service quality.

The ticket system can display the ticket source (phone or email), the ticket time of creation and the type of requested help. This already categorized information analysts can easily use to fragment it into understandable bits of data, based on which new strategies about service desk workflow optimization could be devised. For example, if a larger proportion of tickets arrived between 9 and 11 o’clock in the morning instead of between 3 and 5 in the afternoon, part of all agents on duty could switch from second to first shift. In addition, tickets can be divided into categories both in terms of details or importance. Tickets with higher priority could be forwarded to the next available agent. This would ensure that issues that require special attention are located and resolved quickly, and at a minimum cost.

Clearly, the ticketing system is tool that is open to a wide range of customization you could use to improve your managed service desk process. It allows you to efficiently identify, prioritise and resolve business risks. It also offers opportunities to motivate and inspire your workforce and incentivise them to supply efficient and proactive customer support.

The next step to improve the performance of the Customer Service desk in your business will be focused on Identifying and Resolving the Bottlenecks – this topic will be published next week.

If you would like to find out what are the best methods for optimization of your current service desk work flow, please get in touch with us here at Transputec.

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