How to create a Cloud Server in 7 easy steps

The following post will show how to create a Cloud Server through the Transputec Cloud Server interface.

Creating a Cloud Server

You need a few things to get started: a web browser, a good Internet connection, 20-30 minutes, a basic knowledge of Internet infrastructure and an IT need.

1. First thing you will do is to sign up for a free trial account and then log in using this URL.


2. Next, select "Add" at the top of the drop-down menu and select Server:

3. Next, under Server you need to enter in a name for your Server in the name field.

4. Next, select which Type of operating system you would like to use or self-install.

5. Next, under image choose an image of the OS

6. Finally, you need to specify the size/type of the disk under the drive menu and select Add.

7. Your Cloud Server is going through the building process and once finished you will see your Server's status. Wait a few minutes for your server build to finish. When your Cloud Server is ready you only need to press the start button.

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