Discovering the Paradigm Shift

Discovering the Paradigm Shift

MESSAGE from CEO, Big Data Services Division at Transputec Ltd.

It is a truth that even today Big Data is not totally understood by many big business leaders. But during the year 2013 alone billion+ IoT (Internet of Things) devices have been shipped. They are all sending data. But how to harness this data is the potential question. In order to do that, in order to make sense out of the data that is out there, one has to undergo a business paradigm shift.

But those business leaders who are still inside their comfortable business egg, those who haven’t emerged yet can’t understand the paradigm shift. Ready or not, Big Data is getting bigger and it is happening here and now.

At Transputec we have more than 30 years of experience in dealing with IT hardware, app development and databases. Our impressive award winning experience speaks for us.

It is our aim to help our clients to understand this paradigm shift. We have thoroughly researched various Big Data platforms and honed in on some very important Big Data platforms which are fit for purpose. Though every platform has their unique advantage. We have honed in on SAP HANA for our business evangelism purpose.

HANA has no aggregates.

Traditional database processing and analytical systems have been plagued with data aggregates which force us to do batch processing. Batch processing is time consuming. In this business world time is money. For example a supermarket with 22 million customers with a heavy batch oriented database system takes a minimum of 3.5 days in order to calculate and allocate loyalty points to five million customers. Whereas SAP HANA can do this job in just 10 minutes. That is superfast processing!

We need such power behind the data systems to do Big Data processing. Normally when we think of Big Data we tend to think of Hadoop and visualise the little yellow elephant. Hadoop also has its limitations. MapReduce (a key component of Hadoop) is very batch-oriented and not suitable for iterative, multi-step analytics processing. The Hadoop ecosystem does not have easy-to-use, full-feature tools for data integration, data quality, governance and metadata. Hadoop also has a range of coding languages such as Pig, Hive and Hbase that are both time consuming and dependent on scarce skills. When it comes to data aggregations Hadoop is 7x less efficient on the same hardware.

Comparatively HANA has a higher number of features. Simplicity of operation and storing data only once – if your data is hot, and is accessed and aggregated often in different ways, HANA is the king. But storing data in hot mode in HANA is cost-prohibitive. However at Transputec we use our award-winning analytical intelligence gathering systems such as and Intelefile. Our IT research suggests that the memory is becoming inexpensive, making future HANA hot data storage quite affordable.

At Transputec we are quite experienced in setting up Cloud services. Therefore we propose HANA Cloud to our clients to keep the costs low. We can make Hadoop work with HANA because HANA comes with a Smart Data Access feature. We can store our hot data in HANA and cold data in Hadoop.

At Transputec has a successful track record of helping our clients maximise Cloud services for their businesses. Therefore we invite you to take a serious look at HANA Cloud to improve operational efficiencies. If you would like to learn more about Big Data and ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ Data (Hot data in HANA and Cold data in Hadoop) please feel free to contact me. In the meantime, watch this space for more about our Big Data offerings or follow @Transputec.

Best wishes,

Madhava Kumar Turumella

Madhava Kumar Turumella

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Big Data Services

Madhava Kumar Turumella is a graduate in Business Studies and a Post Graduate in Computer Applications. Madhava comes with an extensive knowledge in implementing business process. As a technology visionary, business leader, statistician Madhava is renowned for his experience in directing and sourcing the data collection operations. He has more than 24 years of leadership experience in working with large multinational corporations. He speaks many languages including German and English. He is a community volunteer and received many prestigious awards for his community volunteering activities.

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