Creating Winning Workplace Cultures

Creating Winning Workplace Cultures

Research by Deloitte has shown that 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct corporate culture is important to a businesses’ success.

Workplace culture plays a vital role in any high-performing business and it is vital to Tranputec’s award winning success. Even more so during this unprecedented time. Our role as the People Team (HR) at Transputec is to ensure the company continues to be a sustainable, successful and an inclusive employer. It is not just about HR compliance and governance but striving for excellence and creating a strong culture which continues to support our people and our customers by:

  • Reinforcing our company values
  • Enabling effective communications and feedback within our workforce
  • Having clear roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities
  • Providing continuous learning and encouraging self-improvement
  • Establishing an effective reward and recognition system
  • Encouraging and empowering our teams
  • Having fun

Our workplace culture is also linked to our shared company values which are part of our everyday fabric for all our employees. Our 4 core values are: customer first, speed of response, self-improvement and a yes attitude.

As a global business we employ people all over the world so its crucial our culture resonates internationally and serves to connect everyone. From our weekly video ‘chill and spill’ socials to celebrating our award wins in style, our shared workplace culture fosters a sense of pride, team spirit and our can-do attitude.

You can also read our reviews on Glassdoor.

Roann Etan
People Team Lead

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