Behavioural threat detection is where the smart money is now going

Behavioural threat detection is where the smart money is now going

We have just announced the news that Transputec has set up an office in Tel Aviv in order to capitalise on the cyber security expertise that exists in that part of the world. We are very excited about this new venture, which we believe will help us to stay right at the leading edge of developments in technology to combat cyber crime.

The threat of cyber crime, and the devastation it can wreak on a business, is right at the top of the list of things keeping most CEOs awake at night. The changing nature of the threat away from external perimeter attacks and towards finding the weakest link in a businesses’ human perimeter, means that behavioural threat detection is where the smart money is now going.

Gartner forecasts that by 2020 the cyber security market will be worth $28bn, and there will be a shift of 60 per cent expenditure from prevention to detection technologies. This represents a huge shift of up to $20bn towards behavioural threat detection. Transputec has already moved into this space through our partnership with leading-edge network monitoring solution ThreatSpike.

Now we have decided to take the next step by setting up an office in Israel in order to headhunt the best cyber-security talent and provide leading-edge cyber security services. Historical and political factors have combined to encourage the development of world-leading cyber-security expertise in Israel, much of it stemming from the exchange of knowledge between the military and commercial sectors. According to their own National Cyber Bureau, Israel’s Silicon Wadi accounted for 10 percent of global security technology in 2014.

Some of the leading cyber-security expertise in the world is based in Israel, with unparalleled experience in combating the highest level of cyber security threats aimed at commercial, government and military targets. We would like to put that vast experience to use for our commercial customers, providing them with cutting-edge cyber-security tools and solutions. This field is probably the fastest moving in the whole of the tech sector and we need to keep at the forefront of it if we are to give the best service to our customers.

This latest move is completely in keeping with Transputec’s long-standing operating model of sourcing staff from countries able to offer us particular expertise, including our service centre in Manila and our developer teams in India. Our aim, as always, is to create value by translating complex technologies into convenient productised services delivered by skilled and responsive people, from around the globe.

We are already offering the ThreatSpike monitoring solution to clients and if you want to explore that option then we are currently offering a free cyber threat analysis of your corporate environment. Get in touch and we will do our best to get you started.

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