A very safe pair of hands at Transputec

Events recently accelerated somewhat for Transputec’s Technical Infrastructure Manager.

Anish Patel, and his pregnant wife Darshna. Anish received a call at work to say that her labour had started so he dashed home intending to take her to hospital. However upon arrival 15 minutes later it transpired that baby had decided not to wait for a hospital appointment. Anish had no option but to adopt a hands-on approach and deliver his own baby.

When the paramedics arrived it turned out that Anish now had more experience, as neither of them had previously delivered a baby. Upon her arrival, the midwife suggested that Anish should complete the delivery by cutting the cord himself!

So Anish and Darshna are pleased to announce that their son Arjun was born on his due date of Friday 10 February. Arjun, named after a Hindu god and weighing 61b 9oz (3.15kg) at birth, is a healthy baby. However brother Kishan, when asked to describe his brother had a one word reply, “noisy”.

See the video below.

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