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Software licensing and Transputec

Transputec understand that software licensing can be a ‘minefield’ and the management of software licensing could be considered a job in its own right. Transputec aim to assist the end user’s organisation by taking the ‘pain’ of software licensing management away from the client in the following ways:


Software licence discovery and ratification with software vendors:

Organisations often do not have a full picture of all the licences that have been deployed throughout their estate. The purpose of software licence discovery and ratification is to improve this understanding, as well as also helping businesses ensure their compliance with software vendors.

This can be done in numerous ways including:

  • Deployment of a licence discovery tool e.g. Microsoft SCCM (System Centre Configuration Manager).
  • Requesting vendor consumption reports. These report from vendors detail licences that have been purchased and the associated licensing agreements.
  • Analysis of discovery tool data and vendor consumption reports to get to a current end user licence position (ELP).

A further task that can be conducted at this stage is to understand individual employee/department application usage. This allows organisations to re-deploy unused, or seldom used applications to employees who have a need for them. A cost saving on the purchase of new licences can be had when this is fully understood.

Software Licence Strategy:

Once the licence discovery and ratification tasks have been completed an enterprise wide software licence strategy can be devised. Transputec works with our clients to understand the requirements from all levels of the business thus enabling the customer to take advantage of new software technologies and licence agreements.

Software Procurement:

Transputec are able to assist organisations in their ongoing procurement of software licensing under existing agreements, or on an ad hoc basis. If coupled with the overall software strategy, Transputec will advise the business on alternative licence agreements or software technologies they may be eligible for. This can lead to significant cost savings or additional benefits to organisations such as training.

Ongoing Management of licences and renewals:

If an organisation has conducted a full licence review, strategy and procurement exercise, it is important to ensure that this is managed on an ongoing basis otherwise any return on investment or additional benefits will not be fully realised. Transputec helps their clients with this process either as a fully managed service, or advice and documentation of best practices for licence management. Most software licences are purchased with an element of support; this could be for upgrades or new versions or technical support. Transputec can manage the licence renewals for clients to ensure any support is renewed in a timely fashion so no elapses occur.


What Our Customers Say

"This is a professionally-delivered service, which is what Saas must be to succeed. PowerPerfector is now on the right path of IT, and Transputec has proved itself to have the right skills, experience and attitude to help us get there."
Angus Robertson,
CEO PowerPerfector


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