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Journey to the Cloud with Transputec IT Consulting

What is Cloud Computing?

As it has matured and developed, the Cloud has been given many definitions. We define it as, 'A set of technologies and methods that deliver scalable infrastructure and application services on demand, often on a pay-by-use basis, typically accessed via the internet'.

Many businesses are keen to move to the Cloud model, but are unsure what type of Cloud service is right for them. There are still many acronyms, buzzwords and phrases that people find confusing.

The Transputec Cloud Platform offers a number of "out of the box" cloud solutions, hosted on our own private cloud. These include:


Virtual Desktop Virtual Desktop

Our Virtual Desktop (VDI) platform provides a desktop in the clouds, allowing your users secure access to corporate data and applications from any device in any location for as little as £29 per user per month!

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Cloud Servers Cloud Servers

Our online server platform allows you to configure your own specification and choose whether you want to be billed by the month, day or even per-hour. You can choose one of our operating systems or install your own image.

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Cloud Backup Cloud Backup

Backing up to the cloud means you no longer need to worry about tapes failing again! For as little as 11p per GB per month.

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Cloud Document Management Cloud Document Management

Full document management and document control capabilities, including document indexing, e-filing and document workflows; all hosted by us in the Cloud.

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In addition to our Cloud Computing platform, the Transputec IT Consulting practice has developed a methodology to help you with your journey to the cloud.

Whilst taking advantage of isolated cloud applications on a "software as a service" basis, or individual servers on demand, is fairly straight-forwards; adopting the Cloud on a company-wide basis where systems are integrated and security is paramount is a bit more difficult!

The Transputec IT ConsultingJourney to the Cloud method helps you overcome all of the challenges associated with enterprise cloud adoption.

The building blocks of any successful move to the cloud are:

Understanding the
Business Drivers
Our Business Consultants will help clarify exactly what you're trying to achieve with the move to the Cloud.
Cloud Alignment
& Planning
Our Technical Consultants and Project Managers will identify the right blend of cloud services for your business, and map out a route to overcoming all of the obstacles which stand in the way.
Service Design, Build
& Test
The project team will design, build and test the new world with you; all under controlled project conditions to remove any risk to your business.
Transition, Transform
& Support
Transition & Service Managers will make sure that there is a smooth transfer from old ways of working, and that users get the right level of support to transform to new ways of working to ensure a successful uptake of services.

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