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What is a brute-force cyber attack and how can you combat it?

A so-called “brute-force” cyber attack has just hit the headlines courtesy of its high-profile target, the UK House of Parliament. The unprecedented attack reportedly lasted for more than 12 hours and sought to break into e-mail accounts used by the more than 9,000 network users on the Parliamentary estate.

Five signs the relationship with your development outsourcing provider is on the rocks

If you’ve outsourced your software development to the same provider for a considerable length of time, chances are the relationship is on autopilot, has become stale or, at worst, is breaking down.

Are you both communicating regularly and effectively? Do you have a true partnership with a plan for future endeavours with a set of shared values and goals? If not, it may be time to switch off the cruise control button.

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Hackers steal nude photos from cosmetic surgery clinic

A well known criminal hacking group, called Tsar Team has hacked into the servers of a leading Lithuanian cosmetic surgery clinic and stolen more than 25,000 private photos of clients. They have already published photos to the dark web and are now demanding bitcoin ransom payments from the clinic and from their clients.

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GDPR: Act now or face a fine of up to €20m

Is your business GDPR ready? If not, you need to take action now or you could leave yourself open to enforcement that will damage both your reputation and your bank balance. New research by PwC warns that companies will face much tougher penalties when the new rules come into play in May 2018. And the UK is already one of the most active places in Europe for rigorous enforcement of the new regulation.

Why a managed services provider could be a game changer for your business

The upward trend in the use of managed service providers is set to continue. The global managed services market was last year valued at US$140bn and is forecast to rise to US$ 268bn by 2022, according to the latest report by Mordor Intelligence. That’s an overall rise of 11.38pc, with the SME market soaring by 16pc within this five-year period. Until recently, MSPs have mostly been contracted to help with technical and equipment issues but the range of services is gaining ground, resulting in a managed services maze covering everything from implementation and monitoring to database and helpdesk support. To help you make an informed choice, below are the five biggest benefits of managed services.

How SMEs can manage and mitigate the risk of data breaches

“I am convinced that there are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.”
Robert S. Mueller III, Director of the FBI (2012)

When they strike, major cyber security incidents tend to dominate the headlines. Whether it is for the financial toll on businesses, the disruption they cause, or the embarrassment they engender for individuals whose details are leaked online, these breaches have a huge impact on the public imagination.