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On top of GDPR we now have NIS to worry about

As if the requirements and enforcement of the GDPR were not enough, the EU has also come up with another information security regulation, the Network and Information Systems (NIS) directive which becomes law across the EU next May, at the same time as the GDPR.

Flexible resourcing: The right people on hand at the right time

An agile and nimble IT department is crucial in today’s business environment. Whether you’re an SME or large enterprise, it’s fair to say that the IT department is no longer viewed as a cost to your business but as a key strategic enabler. IT professionals have rightly been thrust into the centre of business strategy – so having the right mix of staff is vital. The success or failure of new business innovations or dealing with sudden increases in demand or dips in capacity is now largely dependent on successful IT delivery.

Don’t let your employees play a game of hide and seek with your IT security

Research recently published by Kapersky Lab has just confirmed what I have been saying for some time, that employees are now the weakest link in the corporate security perimeter. The report, the IT Security Risks Survey 2017, reveals that not only are employees one of the most likely causes of a cyber incident, but that they are also likely to be hiding incidents from their employers.

Transputec nets hat-trick of nominations for Cloud Excellence Awards 2017

I am delighted to announce that IT services and solutions innovator, Transputec, has netted an awesome hat-trick of short-listed nominations in the inaugural Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2017.

Our long-established reputation as a pioneering innovator in the field of cloud services has been confirmed by the fact that two of our three nominations are for cloud-hosted software applications developed in-house and marketed by the Transputec team. The third nomination is for a leading-edge cyber security solution developed by its vendor, ThreatSpike Labs, and marketed by Transputec.

GDPR – how air cargo operators can ensure a safe landing in May 2018

The airfreight industry is already one of the most heavily regulated sectors and will become even more so once the GDPR is in effect next May.

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The GDPR is not just for banks and telecoms companies

There are now only 10 months to go until the juggernaut of GDPR formally enters into force, but already the impact is being felt by businesses across all sectors.

It is easy to see how businesses with big customer databases are affected, such as banks and telecoms providers. But the impact will also be felt across other less obvious sectors.