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Deliver Green IT from Our Eco Friendly Data Centre

Everyone now has a responsibly to change their behaviour to make the world a greener place.  Governments around the world have set targets for carbon footprint reductions which have been passed down to businesses.

One of the biggest power consumers in any business is the hosting of their IT equipment.  It runs 24/7/365 consuming vast amounts of power – every business needs to look for ways to deliver Green IT.

Our Green Data Centre – THORDC – is a state of the art, tier-3 spec’d, facility based in Iceland designed specifically for Green IT.

Green hosting = Green IT

Due to the physical and natural elements in Iceland, and the specific data centre design, THORDC is one of the most energy efficient hosting facilities in the world.

THORDC is powered by clean renewable hydroelectric and geothermal energy sources and offers a unique value proposition for our clients who are demanding a reliant and cost effective hosting service in a 100% green, zero carbon footprint environments.

Green hosting = Sustainable IT

THORDC uses a new type of natural free cooling technology, jointly developed with AST Global in Spain. The lower container holds the racks while the cooling units are housed in the upper space.

Outside air is pulled into the cooling unit which cools the air inside a closed air circulation system. In this way, no outside air comes into direct contact with the computer equipment inside the container.

The free cooling facilities within each container are designed to take into account the total load for all equipment currently hosted and future needs.

The technology is a natural free cooling technology developed by AST Global in co-operation with Thor Data Center in Iceland, our technology partners.  This technology gives us the opportunity to run THORDC at very low PUE levels. Latest test results from AST Global show a PUE result of 1.07.

Green hosting = Quality IT

THORDC is a Tier3 facility, as specified by the Uptime Institute, with dual connections to Iceland’s power grid.

Power enters the building from two different locations, passes through redundant UPS backup batteries and N+1 diesel backup generators. The power feed is 400-800A to each POD and 16/32/64A to each rack.

Power is monitored to the individual container and individual racks on request. The benefit of this enterprise class UPS system is its mean time to restore (MTTR) which enables the Operations team to replace individual modules with onsite spares. The N+ 1 system also combines “hot spares” so in the event of failure the modular system will automatically engage its redundant spare.

THORDC has also recently achieved ISO 27001 certification.

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