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Cloud Document Management - Intelefile


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More and more businesses work on a global basis with their customers, partners and suppliers. Being able to share information across company and geographic boundaries is vital.

Whilst email and other communication tools are great for sharing electronic documents instantly, there is still a huge volume of physical paperwork that businesses deal with.

Invoices, statements, contracts and internal forms (to name a few) all require storage and need to be made available to the right people at the right time for action.

Many document management and document control systems fail to meet the challenge as users are too busy to complete the necessary data accompanying each scanned image – resulting in a flat image file that cannot be searched for or managed in any useful way.

With other document management systems users invariably fall back to just scanning and emailing the image for their counterpart to print at the other end.

The Intelefile Cloud Document Management solution (part of our Cloud Services portfolio) overcomes this challenge as once you have scanned the original file we supplement it behind the scenes with all of the necessary data to store and manage it.

 Cloud Document Management
Pas as you use
Start Price from 15p per document
No capital expenditure required tick
Annual software support and upgrades tick
Secure internet access tick
Data backup and disaster recovery tick
System and document security tick
Document storage format PDF
Document scanning included Optional
Metadata extraction and indexing service tick
Drag and drop electronic file (soft copy) tick
Workflow, document collaboration and approval tick
Easy to use document search and OCR search tick
Personalised filing schemes for your business tick
Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook integration tick
Reports module tick
Integration with CRM and ERP applications tick

intelefile workflow

The Intelefile Cloud Document Management solution has a workflow engine allowing an auditable trail of activities to accompany a particular document type - so if your invoices or expenses claims need multiple approvals, no problem.

All your users need to do is scan the document in and we will ensure that it is correctly filed and, if required, that it joins the right workflow queues - any staff who are part of the workflow will receive an email telling them they have an action to complete. It's really that simple.


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