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The Heartbleed: massive security bug put your personal data at serious risk

Posted by on in Industry News

You may be wondering “what is this all about?” Everyone is talking about the Heartbleed bug and we are being told to change all our passwords. There is so much noise about this latest security vulnerability that it is causing some level of panic amongst IT professionals and productivity loss as people divert focus from their primary activities in an effort to understand their vulnerability.

What is SSL?
SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, is an encryption protocol for transmitting private documents via the Internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data − a public key known to everyone and a private or secret key known only to the recipient of the message. Most transactional websites use the protocol to obtain confidential user information, such as credit card numbers. There are many vendors of SSL technology and each has developed their encryption technology differently, therefore not all websites are vulnerable. The sites that are vulnerable are those that use OpenSSL, an Open source and non-proprietary software if it's running any version in the OpenSSL 1.0.1 branch.

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The all-encompassing cloud will come of age in 2014 – The age of the consumer

Posted by on in Industry News

The idea of life, the universe and everything being in one place... the cloud is here to stay - shadows and all.

It's a bold statement. Let me explain...

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How the BBC managed to rain on Mandela's parade

Posted by on in Technology

Technology is shrinking the globe and flooding us with information. Technology enriches our lives. But we are all still at the mercy of human error.

I was moved by the Ceremony to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. I watched the build-up to the celebration of Mandela's life and the unfolding ceremony held in that rain drenched stadium whilst sitting at my desk at work on my Mac. As I watched the BBC coverage, the twitter feeds and social media responses which accompanied it I was reminded of the first time I had watched such an event in this way... and how far we have come in cyberspace.

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Chancellor needs to stay on track in the autumn statement

Posted by on in Business Buzz

Being bullish in the China shop, being restrained at the dispatch box and opening up the market to 'peer to peer' investment models... All eyes on Osborne.

Remember, remember the 5th of December. We maybe in the depths of winter and the leaves have all fallen off the trees but this Thursday is a golden opportunity for the UK economy when the Chancellor delivers his Autumn Statement - hopefully something UK business will find memorable for all the right reasons. Business needs the Chancellor to make it feel warm with confidence not dazzled with fireworks.

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Feedback is precious and a golden opportunity to innovate

Posted by on in IP EXPO 2013

If you read between the lines news from the rare metals commodities markets might have you thinking the march of technology has ground to a halt. A recent piece in the Financial Times flagged a collapse in the price of obscure metals to their lowest level in years. Ruthenium, Iridium and Rhodium are all taking a nose dive of the world markets. These are three of those 'hard to get at' metals sitting in a deserted corner of the periodic table which are vital components in the machines which run our lives. Computer hard drives; smart phone screens and flat screen TVs, to name a small few, all depend on tiny slivers of these metals to make our world go around.

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Britain's Cloud Atlas will ignore geography and closes the gap

Posted by on in Technology

Building railways and houses is one way to generate wealth across the nation but technology is probably better at refreshing the parts other initiatives cannot reach

As the Labour Party conference puts away it's bucket and spade and departs Brighton and the south coast it was the ebb and flow of opinions about the perceived North/South divide which struck me most about this year’s seaside gathering.  

Ed Balls began the week questioning whether funds for the HS2 rail link could be better spent elsewhere on housing and Harriet Harmon harped on about the need for a cost benefit analysis on the super-fast, super-costly project. Meanwhile, Maria Eagle reinforced Labour's commitment to the scheme.  But they have all got it wrong?  Narrowing the wealth gap and closing the North/South divide is not a really a physical or geographical challenge. It is technology which will make the difference and close these so-called economic gaps - not billions of pounds on rolling stock. The way to connect the country rests in the cloud - and I don't mean more internal flights. 

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Dropbox security system cracked by two developers

Posted by on in Industry News


According to a paper titled “Looking inside the (Drop) box”, two security researchers have successfully cracked Dropbox’s security bypassing two factor authentication and hijacking Dropbox user accounts.

Tagged in: Cloud Security Dropbox
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The rising of cloud security concerns

Posted by on in Cloud Services

Cloud Security is a rising issue in the world of cloud computing at this time. In the recent months, many cloud computing service providers have experienced various incidences of breaches and hacks into their cloud platforms, leaving client’s private information and data insecure and prone to theft.

Data Encryption (Transport Layer Security)
Data is the most important part of any organisation. In the case of any breach in the organisation’s data, the company can suffer great loss from the theft of vital information to as much as crippling of the entire organisation.

Tagged in: Cloud Security
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New Managed Security Services by Transputec partner Symantec

Posted by on in Industry News


The rising of complex and new cyber security issues grabbed the attention of most leading companies involved in managing large volumes of sensitive data from multiple sources, channels and devices.

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Data encryption in the cloud

Posted by on in Cloud Services


Cloud computing moves us away from the traditional model, where organisations dedicate computing power to a particular business application, to a flexible model for computing where users access business applications and data in shared environments. Cloud is a new consumption and delivery model; resources can be rapidly deployed and easily scaled (up and down), with processes, applications and services provisioned ‘on demand’. It can also enable a pay per usage model.

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