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Chirp and you can "hear" your data

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Chirp, Chirping and Twitter

Well we all know about twitter and how that has changed the way we all communicate, well now there is something even more interesting about to hit us, and that’s the “Chirp” a form of communicating that mimic’s bird songs. Will this technology take of to be the next twitter or the way we communicate in the future? Who knows, but one thing I know, we at Transputec are already thinking about how we can use this technology in real life situations with our clients. Using this bird like way of communication is innovative and clever and who knows it may be the next new social way of communications.

How does it work?

Chirp is an innovative way to share your digital content (pictures, links, contacts, videos) simply using sound. Chirp plays a two-seconds long noise that sounds as if it was made by a bird. In this regard, the Company behind this software has chosen "Let's teach the machines to sing" as tagline to brand its new project. This Apps was developed by Animal Systems, known as spin-off business from University College London. 

Chirp is essentially a free app that works like any other social media tool. What's new is how Chirp notifies other users about your snap: it turns data about your sharing into a sequence of a couple of a dozen notes, played rapidly through your iPhone and decoded by any other Chip-equipped device within a certain range. For those who want to find out more about the decode process, creators have published some interesting info about "Chirp technology platform" here.

Unlike Bluetooth technology, Chirp does not require devices to be paired up, addresses to be typed in or any connections. The Company behind is working hard on offering premium services, such as analytical data letting firms effectively track whose devices have "heard" to their chirp and at the same time trying to convince marketers and other entrepreneurs. For now Chirp is only available as an iPhone app and an Android version is coming soon. 

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