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AWB Document Management: SHIELD Intelefile

Administration of Air Waybills (AWB) in the air freight industry is a massive overhead. Vast amounts of paper documentation is generated, copied, distributed and stored.

The SHIELD Intelefile AWB Document Management solution allows documents to be scanned at source and the stored in a centralised database, meaning that they are accessible anywhere in the world. Workflows can be written to route the document to relevant parties for information and/or approval.

It is also already compliant with the new IATA e-Air Waybill practices, which specify the need to move all physical paperwork to electronic systems by the end of 2015.

Anyone in the Air Freight industry knows all about the challenge of document management - the importance of paperwork being available to the right people at the right time - compliance with regulations can mean that cargo is not allowed into the recipient country if the AWB has not been presented in advance correctly.

SHIELD Intelefile removed this headache as it is guaranteed that the AWB is available whenever it is required, wherever that may be.  The centralised document management system holds the scanned AWB paperwork after it is scanned at source, allowing your  authorised users at any location to rapidly find, view, print, email and share documents on-demand.

The document management system isn't limited it AWB paperwork - any document can be scanned, indexed and made available to recipients; and there are an unlimited number of workflows which can be created for specific documents which require an auditable chain of approvals.

The key benefits of the SHIELD Intelefile AWB Document Management solution include:

It reduces overheads and significantly improves the level of service you provide to your customers through a self-service facility for agents, airline partners, customs authorities and users.

It eradicates microfiche and photocopying of documentation, cuts out manual data inputting, reduces filing and saves valuable office space.

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